Meet Andrew Dodds

Volunteer for over 40 years!


Watching programs grow. Touching many businesses, religions and recovery groups.

Business Leader

Many years of flexibility and have saved thousands working with others.


Spiritual leader, challanger and helping others grow.


Helping others overcome adversity for over 5 years.

Ask About Andrew

Continuous positive community project leader

Andrew has been involved in many community programs helping with both 12 step programs and community disability programs and mentoring. Andrew is an amazing role model and mentor as well as a positive thinker who has overcome many challanges in his life. It is his turn to give back to the community motivating others to overcome their own challanges and become positive members of our community.

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  • Phone:
    (651) 699-5092
  • Address:
    1620 Randolph Ave.
    Saint Paul, MN 55105