The Truth About Sales

The age old myth about sales is that you are either born with the ability, or can’t do it.

The TRUTH is this.  Anyone can learn to sell, but it is NOT going to be easy.  There is no other job in the world that your success is tied so closely to your performance.  You must have confidence.  You must have a great work ethic.  You must have a hunter mentality.

Here are the top 3 ability muscles you must develop to be on your way to success.

1.  Work Ethic

You must be willing to work harder than anyone else.  If your competition(fellow employees) are making 50 calls a day, you should be making 100 dials.  The harder you are willing to work the better you will do.  When that voice in your head tells you to take a break, PICK up the phone and start dialing.

2.  Confidence

If you don’t believe what you are saying, neither will your client.  You must be so onboard with whatever you are saying that there is no doubt in their mind.  Confidence is developed, not given.  Be bold.  Be dynamic.  Be loud.

3.  Warrior Mentality

Keep pressing forward.  Never quit.  Adapt and overcome.  Go in for the close and be bold.  You are a hunter, you are a closer, YOU are the businesses lifeblood.

I promise you that if you start a career in sales, you will have never been challenged in the way you soon will.

I also promise you that if you survive and rise to the top, you will have never felt so accomplished in your life.

Now, Start dialing!